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Hi there, my name is Ruhul Amin. Welcome to my personal site! 👋

RuhulAmin.co is my personal blog and news site of Ruhul Amin. It is focused on building online businesses where I share my journey and experiences with you including lessons learned, mistakes made, and big wins! My goal is to create relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life. If you have an online business or want to have one, then this blog is for you.

Ruhul Amin is a blogger, writer, and marketer with a passion for writing content that people want to read. I created my very first website in 2018, but since that time I’ve launched dozens of different online businesses.

Since 2011, my vision for my life is:

“To inspire the world through entrepreneurship and personal development.”

Early Life

I grew up in Pabna, Bangladesh. I lived with my parents who loves me to death. I now live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Personal Life

Personally, I am happy with me myself. I am happy about what I am doing for a living.

I am happy for everything that I have done and got as an achievement. Alhamdulillah. Still, far way to go….miles to walk. But still, I am a happy guy like millions in Dhaka.

Got into Digital World

And after coming to Dhaka, I was doing my BSc in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) around 2018. I created a tech blog website for fun. And then I slowly got into the digital business world.

From Hobby to Profession

What am I doing now

I own and manage multiple content websites. Which can be referred to as niche sites, authority sites, or niche blogs.

I spend most of my time now establishing new enterprises, creating content, and thinking about the future.

Traveling is one of my passions and I always try to make time for it. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures is an enriching and rewarding experiences. I believe it broadens our horizons and helps us grow as individuals.

Traveling has also taught me to be more adaptable and flexible. I believe that traveling is an essential part of personal growth and development. I will continue to make it a priority in my life and look forward to discovering new destinations in the future.

The Goal

Becoming a digital nomad was my ultimate goal. I have always dreamed of living a life of complete freedom, unrestricted by location or time constraints, and traveling the world without any specific plan or schedule.

Living as a digital nomad means that I can travel as much as I want, for however long I want, without being tied down to any particular place or job. It is the ultimate adventure, and I am excited to embark on this journey of a lifetime.

Let’s keep in touch

You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Or you can drop me an email via my contact page.

See you there!

Let’s keep in touch

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You can reach me on Social. Or you can drop me an email via my contact page. See you there!

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